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  1. I purchased a 150 a few days ago and have enjoyed using it so far. I've found it simple to operate and fun to use as a practice amp. I like that it doesn't look like my other guitar amps (especially if you can't see the controls). To me, it seems like something Apple would have designed if they had applied their aesthetics to a traditional guitar amp. I never before appreciate how ugly the top strap of a guitar amp can be and that it's not an essential component if you have a recessed channel to stick your hand into for transport. I think it sounds awesome as an iPhone or iPad driven bluetooth speaker. It blows away my big Jambox and Bose Soundlink, especially on songs that feature subwoofer-type frequencies. I also have a StageSource L3T and find that the 150's sound output is comparable when playing the same recorded songs through each. I've found it easy to use with both my iPhone and iPad, as long as I've first downloaded the iTunes Match song to the device. The tones that load automatically when using the Amplifi app appear to be ones from Line6's GuitarPort (i.e., Wolf Marshall created the tone for an SRV lick or someone created the lead and rhytmn tones for a ZZ top song). Like anything, some tones sound great and some don't. As people use the app, I'd expect the tones to continually improve over time. I don't understand how someone can accurately state that the Amplifi 150 is not loud enough to play with a live band or drummer. Possibly they don't understand how to max out the volume? On the Amplifi the same volume button controls the guitar channel volume (push down and see white LEDs) and also the master volume of the entire amp (don't push down and you only see red LEDs when you turn the knob). When both the white and red LEDs are cranked, I find the amp much too loud for any club that I've ever played in. If someone is wanting to use the amp for a larger venue, they'd typically mic the speaker output to FOH PA. At this time, I plan to continue using my dream rig for gigs, however, I used the Amplifi for rehearsal last night and stuck with one great tone throughout. The only concern I've had to date is that the recessed channel doesn't hold my iPad or iPhone upright at an angle like I thought it would. If you don't have a cover attached to your IOS device, it slips down into the lowest part of the channel and then stands unstable at almost a 90 degree angle. Yet, with a cover for the device providing either friction or balance from the rear, the IOS device is stable and the touchscreen is at a usable angle to select songs and tweak tones.
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