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  1. Hi Mark,


    Just wondering how you got on with this as I am in exactly the same position.

    I guess you’ve not had much -if any chance to gig with your setup due to the pandemic,but wondered if you’ve been able to try it out at rehearsal volume and what you’ve found?




  2. Hi all Thanks for all the very helpful replies here, amazing! To expand on the FRFR thing. When using a monitor IE maybe the Yamaha DXR10 or 12) in front of you, like a traditional wedge, do you also feed in the usual signals from other sources (Vocals etc) so it doubles as your guitar sound source on stage and also the band mix monitoring you want to hear? Reason for asking is I am trying to reduce the amount of gear I have to haul around. If doing this reduces the monitor count that is another plus point. Or maybe you keep the FRFR unit for guitar only and have a separate wedge for vox monitors etc? Also, I assume you use the XLR feed to the desk to not only feed the FOH PA but also the Aux feeds to other monitors for those on stage wanting guitar in their monitor? Really like the tip about sending the XLR to the desk for main PA without volume control, keeps the signal consistent from gig to go. Sounds like the biggest challenge is going to be levelling up all the patches. Are there any useful tips of sources for help on this? I find it hard enough getting my Tube Screamer level increase to be not too overwhelming. In fact we did a gig on Saturday and I was using my new (and very lovely) King of Tone. I took a solo, kicked in the overdrive and promptly had a complaint from the audience that my guitar was too loud! Ah the challenges of playing live :) Thanks again for the help. Mark
  3. Hi I play in a covers band, gigging 2 or 3 times a week. I currently have a Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 and a HX effects units with some outboard analog pedals (king of tone, Soul Food etc) after a worrying recent gig when the Deluxe started playing up due to tube issues I am seriously considering going Helix direct to PA route. We setup and run our own PA. We run an Allen Heath QU16 desk. i would really appreciate some real-world advice from people who use the Helix this way. I realise there are many folks who use it in studios or just at home but I would love to know your thoughts on using it in a band live situation. in particular; - what do you use for stage sound for your guitar? FRFR? Just in the usual monitors? In front or behind? - do you have any issues with other band members wanting to hear you? Our drummer is real old school and always insists my amp is within earshot of him. He hates having the guitar feed in his monitor. Just cranky I guess! :) - how do you monitor your level in the PA without a sound guy? I am ‘the sound guy’ and have to manage sound from on stage whilst playing so am a bit worried about how to know what my guitar level is and how it sounds in the front of house. Having the deluxe behind me can be a bit loud sometimes but I have gotten used to what is needed to blend in with the room sound overall. In theory the concept of a Helix looks amazing. Just wondered what the practicalities of it are. Not so worried about how closely it can match the sound of my deluxe or KOT pedal. I know the reality is that the people who matter (the audience) are really not going to know the difference. But if it is always way too loud or too quiet, they will know that! thanks for any advice /help Mark
  4. So does the Kemper support using Variax? I thought it was a Line 6 only technology?
  5. Hi All I have been scouring the posts on this forum as I am considering buying a Variax/Helix combo. But I must admit, the numerous posts from unhappy owners of Variax are a bit of a concern. The main thing I am speaking of is the 'plink' effect, which I assume is similar/related to the 'Pieze Quack' that anybody with an under saddle piezo on an acoustic will be aware of. Or maybe it is something different? In any event, it is a worry. Is it still a current issue? Or have more recent updates and gear reduced/removed it? And the other issues relating to tunings. Do they still exist? The use I have in mind is for the duo with my Wife, she sings, I play. We do a variety of easy-listening style stuff; jazz, blues, bit of country, some acoustic fingerstyle. On paper a Variax would seem to be a great option. Be able to dial up a jazz archtop, 335 blues tone, tele country twang and an acoustic Martin for fingerstyle. That's how it looks to me on paper. What do you think of the fit of a Variax for this situation? Be great to hear of your views and experience with this gear. Thanks Mark
  6. Hi Recently posted a question in the 500 section about the use of a 500 for my needs. Basically I want it for quiet at home practice. I Play Blues and Jazz so not really interested in the high gain stuff that so many of the reviews and demos seem to focus on. I am looking for that warm, creamy blues tone, ala BB King, Albert King etc. And the Jazz tones, clean warm and dark, like Kenny Burrell etc. Will the Firehawk deliver this? Next, I have been reading lots of complaints about delays and unwanted noises when switching patches. As I would also like to take the unit out to gigs once I get my patches set up, this would be an issue (I think so anyway). Has this been resolved by firmware updates or is it still there? Does the Firehawk support setlist like the 500 does? What is the best way to use live? Into my normal rig (Egnator Renegade) via an Amp out or just into the PA and use a small nearby monitor? Thanks for the help. Mark
  7. Thanks for the helpful replies. Sounds like it will work for me. I guess the choice now is 500 or Firehawk. Anybody got any experience/thoughts on which is most likely to work out for what I want to do?
  8. Hi All First post here. Been reading all sorts of great reviews about the HD500X box. Perhaps someone in a similar situation to me could advise please before I rush out in a fit of GAS and splash more cash :) I have recently moved to an apartment and am not able to practice at high volumes at all. Currently I spend most of my times inside headphones which is OK but not ideal. I would really like to be able to find a solution that will allow me to 1. Play at low volume with a decent Blues (slight broken, creamy, tubes sound) tone 2. Be able to switch between rhythm and lead tones. I am an intermediate player and still find getting it all together when switching from chords to solos a bit of a challenge when playing live. So need to keep practicing that. 3. Be great to create set lists of songs and assign tones to them as we play quite a wide range of stuff. 4. Have 2 buttons on the pedal that just assign a standard rhythm (clean) tone and a lead (slight broken) tone for when the band leader throws in a new song that I don't yet have an actual patch for. This in addition to whatever buttons are needed to cycle through a possible set list. 5. Have a nice dark but clean tone for the more jazzy tunes we do (things like Chitlins con carne, Blues for Del etc) I have tried a lot of modelling units, both pedal and amp, and they all seem very good at the high gain metal and hard rock type sounds but less so at creating that sweet creamy tube sound so important to blues and some jazz. Is the 500 going to deliver? Finally, some advice on what amp to use when practicing at home, again, low volume. And how to hook it up (MP3 in, FX loop etc) as I have read a lot about that and can't seem to find the definitive answer. Oh and one last thing, what about when going out to a gig? I currently use an Egnator renegade which has an FX loop and 2 channels. Will it play nice with that and how best to hook it up. Sorry for so many questions but I really don't want this to be another GAS driven purchase that ends up on eBay after a month! Many thanks all Best wishes from the UK Mark
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