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  1. I literally jsut got off abt 2 hours playing with the helix(first time) and ai am very impressed. All i had to listen with eas my in ear monitors though, and I am fairly confident that they dont do the models justice. The bottom ed was distorting considerably. I didnt get a chance to try the compressors.
  2. I bought the helix yesterday. This is my first time with modeling but I am trying to condense my rig down to something more portable/versatile. I have 2 pedals that I would like to keep, as they are incredible. The keeley gc-2 compressor and a nocturne billy brain. The gc-2 i just an incredible studio qulity compressor, the billy brain is a copy of the pre amp section of a roland space echo. Does the helix play well with other pedals? I plan to use the helix for everything else.
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