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  1. Are you sure about that ? Like, none of my flangers are working. And the box says that there is 64 stompboxes. I just counted them: 64 in my podfarm. So technically they should be authorized. Anyway, thank you for your help
  2. I recently bought a pod UX1 to record so guitar and bass track. It turns out everything works fine BUT the modulations and delays (not all of them). Indeed, some of them work perfectly fine. But other won't affect the sound at all, it's like the pedal wasn't there. Tweeking the knobs doesn't change anything, nor switching on/off the pedal. Also, each time I plug one of those defective effects, all my rig stop to work too. The drive knob on my distortion, the master on the amp... I have to restart pod farm if I want to be able to change my tone again (let alone, hear it). Unplugging the effects and amp to plug them back doesn't change anything. Anybody having a similar problem ?
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