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  1. Thank you suedehead99, i will, some friend of mine also suggest the same advice as you, while i am waiting for cable data from online purchase..
  2. hmmmm.. i did the process through the procedure in here http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/firehawk/updating-the-firehawk-fx-via-usb-on-a-windows-o-r738 i think i did the same what the instructor mention there, from the 1st point till 17th point. choose the firehawk fx, and same OS. install the line 6 driver and then install the line 6 updater, do not connect firehawk 1st and connect firehawk now, and so on. Everything i did the same maybe for 3rd times, but ended with no "select device to update". well maybe i will do your suggest ric, thank you so much for your support.
  3. Hi ric, i think the USB driver has already installed on my PC, because i usually use flash disc through USB port in my PC, and also when i plugged my firehawk fx to the PC, it responed to the action, sounds like when flash disc plugged to the PC "ding" kind like that. Or is it because of the USB cable i used, is different connect with the firehawk fx? Since, i dont get the USB cable when 1st time i bought, so now i am using USB cable for hp printer, but the excatly same with the USB port in FHFX, it fitted.
  4. Hi all, Greetings, my name is edward. I am new and recently i just buying firehawk fx. Since i am newbie to the line 6 product, i dont know how to upgrade the firmware. My firehawk coming from version 01.00, and cannot connect via bluetooth. So i follow all the instruction from "Here is how to update the Firehawk FX step by step:" line 6 community link. I follow the procedures step by step. Everything just fine till the line 6 updater i have already install cannot show "select device to update". There are no selection, the page is all black with only the text "select device to update" and also the header "account-sign out" and "about", other that, i cannot go through. I have already register the product, but after i sign in to line 6 updater, is it because of that thing? And still not listing what to select on "select device to update". Please help me what should i do with this problem. Thanks a lot.
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