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  1. So there is something wrong with the firmware install!
  2. Thanks mate. I've called the store that I bought it from (I live in New Zealand) and they are "loaning" me one for the weekend to get me through. Funny, I also have a Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini that has come back from repair so I'll be picking that up at the same time! I swear I baby my gear!
  3. Nah the joystick doesn't work when selecting a setlist either. A total pain in the arse as I have 2 gigs this weekend :O(
  4. Thanks for responding...wish it was that easy. Tried it but nothing. Did this just happen to you with the new version or did it happen earlier?
  5. I'm hoping one of you guys might be able to help me...I just downloaded the V2.50 and love the Placater etc BUT now my Joystick won't open up the models when I press it so I literally have to scroll through everything starting from the OD/Dis list! Has anyone else come across this problem? I've downloaded the new version twice just in case but it's still doing it.
  6. I have a CAA 50 Classic + running the Helix 4CM and it sounds great. I run everything instrument level. How about your overall volume level on the Helix? I run mine at 12 O'clock and that seems to be about right. Good luck. BTW I just downloaded the latest V2.50 and now when I push the Joystick it won't open the model select. Anyone know why?
  7. Hey, I've just downloaded the new V2.5 and can no longer access the model list by pushing down on the Joystick? Anyone else come across this or know what I can do? I'm running it through my MasOS High Sierra V10.13.3 Cheers.
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