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    Amplifi 150 "restarts" after playing a while

    I must admit that I haven't replaced the main board yet, even though I have the new replacement. When I opened the back access panel, I saw that all of the plugs had been smothered with hot glue and I didn't go any further with the repair. How difficult was it to remove all of the glue from the plugs? I didn't want to damage any traces on the board by trying to pry off the glue. I did see the SD card and considered pulling it out to inspect, but if I recall correctly, it had a dab of glue on it as well. Someone really went crazy with the hot glue gun.
  2. BOCTOK55

    Amplifi 150 "restarts" after playing a while

    I went ahead and ordered a main board replacement from Full Compass ($125). Hopefully, that will do the trick. If not, I'll order the power supply. They stock both. I have yet to install the new main board, but I'll keep you posted.
  3. BOCTOK55

    Amplifi 150 "restarts" after playing a while

    Well, that kind of sucks. I don't suppose that they are doing any research to find out what component on the board is causing the problem.
  4. BOCTOK55

    Amplifi 150 "restarts" after playing a while

    And it did it again this evening, after about 20 minutes.
  5. BOCTOK55

    Amplifi 150 "restarts" after playing a while

    Plugs are all good and I doubt it was an overheating problem. I keep my practice room right at 60 degrees and I had only been playing for 10 minutes or so, at low volume.
  6. This started last night. I was playing along with my music, using headphones and all of a sudden, the amp did this restart. I got the 4 blinking lights for a few seconds and then it went back to normal, although, not on the preset that it was on. I thought it was just a glitch and went on playing, after I had set the preset and started the song again. After a few minutes, it did it again. Power supply going out? I highly suggest for the next firmware/app update, some sort of function test.