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  1. Thanks, yeah i've already got the midi control side sorted via usb with the control software. I was hoping there was a way to use the tuner functionality also, which would require a mod to the rj45 cable. Cheers
  2. What is it I shouldn't be doing? Are you saying I shouldn't use the FBV as a midi controller or that I shouldn't try to utilise the functionality of the rj45 port? Can you give me a reason, other than "FBV is designed to work with Line 6 gear" as to why i shouldn't be able to utilise for instance the tuner functionality of the FBV? It would obviously be a simple mod, so why would I not do it? Are you suggesting it will break the FBV, or my amp...as that seems pretty ridiculous
  3. Hi, I've recently purchased the FBV shortboard mk2 to replace my beringer fcb1010 as a midi control pedal. As I'm a violinist none of Line6's amps are really suitable for me, but I'd love to take advantage of the functionality the rj45 port enables. There seems to be a bit of info regarding using non line6 foot pedals via rj45 with line 6 amps, but not the other way around. Is anyone able to help out with how it should be wired? Thanks heaps
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