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  1. POD XT Live and POD X3 Live Amp Modelling for Playing Live Hi, I own a POD Pro with the V 1.3 chip (upgraded from the V 1.1 and V 1.2) which I bought in 2000 and I have used it live since then. I don’t record so the live sound is the most important thing. I tried a POD HD500X and really liked the cleans on it which were much better than my POD Pro but I preferred the overdriven and higher gain sounds on my POD Pro. Anyway. I am thinking of getting a POD XT Live or a POD X3 Live for live playing mostly for the cleaner amp sounds, the additional modelled amps and the Effects which are way more than my POD Pro. Does anyone know if the modelling in both the POD XT Live and the X3 Live are the same? Also, do either of these POD’s use the same modelling as the Vetta Amps? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I also had a prob with the transformer in my PRO which I managed to fix. However, I got in touch with Line 6 to ask if I could purchase 1 and was told they no longer stock replacements and he referred me to buy a 2nd hand pro on e Bay etc. Not sure if any other Co makes a transformer which is compatible as didn't look any further as a small solder job got my one going again. I did pick up a pro on e bay for a good price as a backup so this might be the route to go down. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have a POD Pro which I bought in 2000. It has the EPROM V1.1 firmware fitted. I am looking to update it with EPROM V1.3 firmware. Does anyone have 1 or know where I can get on?. Having looked on the forums it seems Line 6 don't have any. I live in South East England (U.K). Kind Regards
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