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  1. Hi, I also had a prob with the transformer in my PRO which I managed to fix. However, I got in touch with Line 6 to ask if I could purchase 1 and was told they no longer stock replacements and he referred me to buy a 2nd hand pro on e Bay etc. Not sure if any other Co makes a transformer which is compatible as didn't look any further as a small solder job got my one going again. I did pick up a pro on e bay for a good price as a backup so this might be the route to go down. Cheers
  2. Hi, I have a POD Pro which I bought in 2000. It has the EPROM V1.1 firmware fitted. I am looking to update it with EPROM V1.3 firmware. Does anyone have 1 or know where I can get on?. Having looked on the forums it seems Line 6 don't have any. I live in South East England (U.K). Kind Regards
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