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  1. So far I‘m able to control my FH1500 perfectly with midi commands via a BossEs-8 loop-switcher. Patch changes and almost all control chances work via midi this way. The only issue I got is with the FH1500 looper control change to CLEAR/DELETE the looper. It just doesn’t work via midi cc, while everything else ( record, stop, play, overdub, etc ) works fine. Also the clear function via FBV3 works. Does anybody know the correct CC# and values, or has an idea what I possibly do wrong? THX
  2. Hey I'm wondering if I could connect my Firehawk1500 with a classic tube amp to use tube amp preamp channel/distortion, then Firehawk1500 effects, then again signal back to tube amp and his speaker cabinet. I could imagine a signal chain like this: Guitar into Tubeamp Guitar in -> tubeamp effect send into firehawk guitar in ( no amp selection in firehawk ) -> mod/dly/rvb/others active in firehawk -> fx loop on -> fx send -> tubeamp effects return -> tube amp amplification and finally tube amp speakers. Would that be possible? Or is it just theoretical and in the end it would sound horrible? What about the signal level from tube amp fx send into firehawk guitar in plug? Is that a NO GO or are there other problems I don't know of? Second thought was, using the signal chain from above and additionally using the firehawk as a monitor from the PA. What are your thoughts? THX Simon
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