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  1. Ah nope meant for line level effects. Can always put it up front les convenient which kinda defeats point but can see what my millage is like that for certain songs :)
  2. Maybe xt pro s/h would be an idea... I have a Joyo American sound which I could dial in a really nice overdriven twinreverb sound into which I could pop in the effects loop of the xt pro and use that in addition. Wonder can I have pod xt pro set so a saved bank can have loop in or out if I choose or is it always in requiring me to switch pedal and bank as needed?
  3. Great will give it a go later or tomorrow. Thanks for your time and advice :)
  4. Much appreciated... To give you idea we did a gig as part of almost blue festival in Dundee Scotland. Just a pub one. Guy afterwards came up to me (keep in mind I am 5month back playing after 23 out) this was using the hd150 with a switch added to give me cab and headphone active together to feed pa. Anyway this guy said he'd been coming to almost blue and blues bonanza for 15yr and he said was a great gig and said my tone was outstanding. He said it's best he'd heard a Gibson 335 sound. His jaw hit the floor when I told him it was Korean and cost me £150 in 1990. He said he played himself and owned a very old real 335 and said he'd never ever got such a nice sound... Made my year :) so defo got to assume the guitar is doing what it should. Or maybe I'm just a stickler for the tone I like and something about the earlier units make it easy to find it. Would love if we find a way to get similar out xt as would be very happy man :)
  5. And same guitars sound ok through a Joyo American sound into pa but need something more stompable for variety of covers needed in an open mic/full band jam but also something that gives me the tones I want for my stuff
  6. Well most wouldn't be throwing £ as would sell xt so really just box swapping, if I need to, to get a quick easy solution for vintage tones. Tried various setups. Got two guitars both Maison (Korean hand made guitars). 1x 335 copy (solid mahogany tone block and solid maple sides/back/front so not cheap laminate), it has 500k 57 style loom and alnico 5 paf copy pickups of reasonable quality iirc 8k and 14k so slightly hotter than vintage items. Owned since new in 1990 2nd is a Maison 1979 les Paul copy. It's solid mahogany with a mahogany neck and again hand made. Currently it has 500k pots (original Korean) and pickups are also original 1979 Korean items. Have tried XT through PA (Yamaha mm1242 mixer, peavey m7000 amp, peavey 2xt speakers). Also tried over good quality headphones schennheiser ones. Also tried it through a different mixer to different pa speakers. The guitars sound fine and can get perfect tones on spider amps or from amp head to mixing desk/pa (even used spider hd150 last night using it's headphone out into pa (and risked it running without cab) and the tones sounded great. So doubt it's a guitar/pickup issue. I did the test last night using head without cab to double check that setup sounds ok through pa :)
  7. Who knows maybe a diff unit would get me closer... Most of guys I like worked on twin/quad reverbs' or similar so maybe the fender mustang floor thing would get me what I want. Also heard the vox works well for vintage sounds. Not a clue where to turn. I'd use another moddler and keep a xt pro for stomp effects but two large things on floor is a bit much.
  8. Yep on studio mode ;) It shouldn't be like that though... The basic models and use of model should be there out of the box and provide same gain range/clean distortion as the amp itself. Which with distortion boost the earlier amps did... Adding features and effects shouldn't take a big step back on the basic sound and require loads of deep tweaking to get back to same point. Well imho it shouldn't. If that's case I have a feeling the pod pro will probably give me the quality tones I am looking for. Shame it don't work with shortboard :( the amps do even though they must be same generation. Maybe pod 2.0 with fbv marked would be ideal then. Though liked idea of effects loop pro gives so can apply at right point in chain
  9. Agree, high gain stuff sounds great on the high gain models. Just struggling with the stuff I love. Why not model the whole amp and not just leave me with half an amp, the low gain half :( Tbh I look after my wee lad who's autistic full time and it's hard to find time to fiddle so maybe just annoyed it seems something that should be simple and was simple in past has been made a total pita. Nothing wrong with adding loads of lovely features but don't loose the ease of use and make it something that requires hours to get what should be something original amp you modelled should do anyway. Just don't know what way to go, working on a swap deal for a pod pro so can have a play with that as well if it works and makes tones I want easy I'll look for other effects I need elsewhere. Probs won't get Rid of xt as it'll be useful for someone/spare house guitar in our open mic/band jam as doing away with amps now have some rather good pa speakers (some peavey hisys 2xt's - cracking speakers). No just Freddie... On heads it took me a matter of 30 secs on mode for correct amp model to create a chuck berry sound... Same again for a dirty bubbly fuzz which felt like a crossroads tone like Mayer. Spent hours and can't get similar on any of them, well at least not ones I am happy with. Can get some ok-ish tones just not same quality as got on the amp heads
  10. Don't know what he is doing as canny get that level of distortion out a black face on mine without a stomp added no matter what I do. So gotta think there is a setting missing from what I am seeing on screen or it works a lot better off a single coil (maybe he's using a very hot single coil which could make the difference as opposed to a lot less hot humbucker maybe). Will defo revisit it and try again and replicate his settings then tweak for my guitar. But honestly tried the black face through two guitars and drive up max and just can't produce that sort of quality sound... But same guitars take seconds on either head. Appreciate vid though I'll try again ;)
  11. Think it's no gonna give me what I want. Shame, like I say reckon will look and see which out of older pods 1, 2 or pro should be closest and add a nova for effects. Will maybe go demo a later pod and see if I can get close to what I want... Thing is should have been easy to leave this feature intact as it made so many more amp models have more flexibility :)
  12. Tried using compression and comp pedals. Just can't get same lovely sound out of it as spider hd150 and spider valve hd100. Yes just want higher gain on a clean anp model to give me more distortion. On both of them I went to what is effectively twinreverb sound (one of clean channels) then either do the hold tap and turn past 12 or stomp on fbv to access distortion boost which gives you same amp model just more distortion. And following that few weeks on bass trebble/reverb and was done... Pod xt canny get near same quality sound :( What annoys me most is go listen to any blues man from back in day who played a a twin or quad reverb hard and got amazing tone/distortion... Why limit amp model so it can't produce same level of distortion real amp did... And why take away the nice easy boost feature that allowed quick and easy access to sounds real amp produced. Will try the vets juice thing again but of course that looses ability to add another pedal. Beginning to get annoyed. Effectively what out of pod, pod2 or pod pro effecticely has same guts and features as spider valve mk1 or hd150 as think may be better going for one of them and add something like a nova system for effects.
  13. Download gearbox from support>downloads> page Don't select product just select gearbox from 2nd drop down. It allows you to add any tones you've downloaded and pop them into a memory location :)
  14. I have a spider II head and I wanted to create a nice heavier Freddie king tone... So I picked the clean amp based on the twin reverb (as Freddie used a quad reverb). Turned up drive but wasn't enough so enabled the distortion boost. Tweaked drive down a little, tweaked other levels and saves a cracking tone that sounded just like Freddie king.... So I get a podXT and try the same. Pick the amp based on twin reverb turn drive to max and nowhere near the distortion I am looking for. However there no longer seems to be a way to boost the amplifier models distortion and only seems to be able to use a stomp pedal which just don't sound the same. Am I missing something? I just can't see a good reason there doesn't seem to be a way to boost amp distortion now (after all you've heard Freddie king so a quad/twin reverb is capable of producing some lovely distortion driven hard) so why doesn't amp model offer the same as the amp? Or a way to boost amp distortion like spider ii amps have... Even a line6 distortion boost as a stomp box woulda done nicely (classic overdrive and tube screamer just aren't the same). Yes I am sure I could eventually find tone and overdrive I want going through all amps/cabs but sure it'd be easier if could just have what original amp has (or a boost like your earlier spiders have). If anyone knows how I can enable the same distortion boost as earlier spider amps had or a way I can replicate it somehow I'd be very happy as it really would help me get the sounds I want :)
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