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  1. Thanks for the vid, but unfortunately for me the App Crashes every time as soon as I try to select the Music Library option from the main menu so I never get to the page with the Song Tab. But I guess you're right I can still play my songs through the firehawk by using the media player on the phone. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the response Punkyboy. Maybe I'm being incredibly dense, but what is the "SONG'" tab? I don't see a "SONG" tab, there is a "Now Playing" screen I can get to but this doesn't allow me to select any of my stored songs... I still have an old tablet that has on old OS which works fine, but it would be nice to be able to use my phone as the tablet is usually flat when I need it...
  3. Has anyone experienced issues with the Firehawk Remote App and Android 11? The App used to work fine for me but recently every time I select the Music Library option the App crashes. Not sure if this may be linked to the fact I'm now running Android 11. I've tried clearing cache and have un-installed/re-installed the App but no difference. App crashes whenever selecting the Music Library. When I re-installed the App it did warn me that the App was not compatible with my OS. Hope Line 6 release an update or someone knows of a work around as I do enjoy the option of playing along to my music library through the app.
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