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  1. I've made that sort of mistake before, i wasn't going to do it again!
  2. Hey Psarkissian, I did check the list before I bought it (the FBV) and the Vetta is on there, it's why I went for it. I'm starting to accept I may have been ripped off with a dodgy board. If I can't find a fix in the next couple of days I will send it back.
  3. Hey guys, I just bought a pre owned shortboard mk1 for my Vetta HD. I've plugged it in and all I'm getting is line6 on the screen, no backlight and am only getting limited functions (can switch between banks, channels and tuner but that's about it). I've tried calibrating it and it's still not made a difference. Have I bought a dud unit? I've tried 2 different cat5 leads just in case but still nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I have no idea why my phone autocorrected lollipop to lollipop! Sorry!
  5. Thanks lollipop, I actually meant the express pedal, not expression hence the comment about only 4 channels. I ended up buying a pre owned mk1 shortboard. However when I plug it in I get no backlight and the display only reads line 6, i get no lights and have only very basic function to switch between banks, channels and tuner. I will try a different cat5 cable just in case there is an issue with that first otherwise I'm worried I may have bought a dud unit. Not a great start!
  6. I think you're right, an FBV shortboard is probably looking like the way to go. I only wanted something to switch between some of the preloaded effects, but i begrudge paying out on the expression pedal for (from what I've seen) only 4 channels and no banks. I had the FCB hanging from when I used to have the behringer V-amp. What a waste of money that was! Thought I might be able to save some pennies and not have to fork out again, oh well! Thanks for the reply bud.
  7. Hi guys, Is there any way I can use a Roland fcb300 midi controller with a vetta hd head or am I going to have to sell it and get the FBV instead? I've tried playing about with it but I'm getting no response from the head when trying to assign channels to the footboard Thanks!
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