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  1. I am also looking for a stereo powercab. In fact, I was surprised that the powercab seems to have the same speaker configuration as the Firehawk 5 speaker configuration (I think). So I was floored when I plugged a stereopedal into it only to find it wasn't stereo! What? Aren't most Line 6 Guitar products stereo? No, I know they aren't all stereo, but really? The Helix, PODHD, Firehawk pedals are all stereo (and mono of course) so why wasn't the PowerCab Stereo? That would have been a spectacular foresight! And make the cabinet Mono capable too for that sonic punch for those that don't want stereo! So take the Firehawk, throw the Power Cab into it with Stereo configuration (in/out) and make an extension cab using the Vetta plan?!? I don't know - haven't thought that far, but man, that would be sweet for the flagship pedals, wouldn't it? just my opinion.
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