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  1. Greetings again community. I've recently purchased two 12 inch Eminence The Governor speakers to replace the generics that came stock in this amplifier. I am having trouble removing the back panel to gain access to the stock speakers for replacement. I have removed all the screws yet the planel still does not budge. I have attached an image to show the panel I'm talking about. Another question I have is, will I have to do any soldering when installing the new speakers? Thanks in advance.
  2. That's awesome. Do you have the combo or the head?
  3. Hello community. I was wondering if anyone on the forum could recommend me some good replacement speakers for this particular amp. It sounds like this amp could sound really good, but I am thinking the stock speakers are making it sound below it's potential quality. So could replacing the speakers make this amp shine, or will it sound identical to the present quality regardless?
  4. I will end up purchasing a brand new Spider IV 150 212. I purchased a used Peavey Valveking 212 100 from Guitar Center used. I had to take it back because the input jack didn't even work and the distortion channel didn't even work as well. This is the second used tube amp that i have had problems with, so I am just going to go with the Spider IV 150 212 new. I'm not some in demand professional musician, so this should fit my needs ok. I just want to play along with songs and such. The reason I'm going with the 150 212 is that if I ever want to jam with my buddies I can do so with this power.
  5. I am wondering the same thing. What's the scoop on a maybe new Spider 5? Anyone??
  6. Thanks for the recommendations guys! I ended up buying a used Peavey Valveking from Guitar Center Used online. If it doesn't work properly, I will probably go with the Spider IV 150 212. I have tried the Spider IV 150 212 at my local Guitar Center, and it sounds pretty cool, but when cranked up to gigging levels it doesn't sound very good. Do you guys think this has to do with the stock speakers on the Spider IV 150 212?
  7. Hello Line 6 community. Right now am I am trying to decide on getting either a Line 6 Spider IV 150 2×12, or a used Peavey Valve King ii 50 watt 1×12 tube combo. The reason I narrow it down to these two is primarily budget. The tones I desire are: A great blues/Texas Blues tone when I plug in my Stratocaster, Heavy metal tones when I plug in my Schecter, as well as sparkling cleans and mid gain crunch ala a more Brit Blues sound. Alot to ask for but what is yall's honest recommendation? Any others besides these amps? Thanks in advance.
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