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  1. I bought the Amplifi 75 on Monday and it was shipped next day (yesterday). I plugged it in and had a good 20 minutes playing until I decided to update the firmware as instructed so that I could use the android application. In the past 24 hours, I've have no luck at all with getting it working and now I can't even use the amp. I first downloaded the Line 6 Updater application for PC, put my amp into update mode (as advised), and then installed the appropriate drivers so that my amp would show up (this was all done through USB connection). I encountered an error while installing the firmware, and after trying multiple different updates decided I would leave it for a while, play for a bit and then come back to it. I then realised that I couldn't use the amp at all and the lights on the amp were flashing, which I discovered was indicating an update had failed and it had entered recovery mode. I then had a good go at updating the firmware, again - no luck. I attempted a factory reset on the amp hoping that I could get back to playing and sort out the firmware at a later date, but no - apparently I need to update the firmware, and until then my amp is rendered useless. I have scoured the internet for the last day looking for a resolution, to no avail. I am currently working with a Samsung S6 (Android) and a Windows 10 PC. I do not own any iOS devices, so, unless I have to get a friend with an iOS device to come over - I have no access to one. I would really appreciate for my issue to be resolved as I have seen many other people have encountered the same problem but have not had any help. I saved up and spent a lot of my savings on this amp and was not expecting to have this much of an issue with it already. Thank you.
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