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    Questions for POD HD Pro users

    Thanks for your reply. No, I don't want to record a line out signal from the daw back into the daw. I have an electronic drum kit with a line out and I was hoping to be able to record my band playing "live" by running the mic through the mic input, the guitar through the guitar input, the drums through the line left input and the bass DI'd through the line right input, giving me four distinct "channels" or "tracks" to record simultaneously on my DAW. However, the more I think of it, the more I'm drawn towards a proper 8IN / 2OUT audio interface as opposed to effectively squeezing the whole bands sound through a POD.
  2. ampman75

    Questions for POD HD Pro users

    I've never bought or tried any line6 products but I'm looking for a new rack FX unit. If I used a POD HD Pro I would intend on having it connected via the 4CM to my amp head (traditional valve head and 4x12) and also to a PA system. I wondered if any of you could answer some questions for me. 1) Assuming that the guitar, microphone and line inputs being used at the same time, can you route the following simultaneously... Guitar signal with fx but without cab modelling to the unbalanced outputs (going to a valve amp and a 4x12) Guitar signal with fx / cab modelling, microphone and line inputs to the balanced outputs (going to a PA system) 2) It is my understanding that the POD HD Pro can also be used as a USB audio interface for DAW. Can it provide separate audio interface signals for guitar, microphone and line inputs at the same time (i.e. can i record a guitar track, a vocal track and a line input track on my DAW simultaneously using the POD HD Pro as my audio interface)? Cheers! Paul