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  1. The Line 6 video tells you all you can do with Workbench HD, but not how to stick your work onto your guitar. Any help, or directions to the directions, greatly appreciated. TJ
  2. Hey, did you get an answer ? I can't find the answer to this either. I want to save an open E tuning for use with any/all electrics, have no idea how. TJ
  3. Aaaahhh, that makes sense. Thanks for that, I had left my wireless transmitter jack in. Are the strings 10's, do you know ? TJ
  4. Just got a new standard and am quite pleased with it. Battery was flat out of the box, so i charged it up. I did leave it in the guitar but turned off meddling. two days later it's flat. Is there a trick to this or is the battery a dud. Also, does anyone know what strings are put on at the factory ? I am used to 9's, these feel stiffer. Thanks, TJ
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