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  1. I know this is probably going to sound like a silly question but what is the likelihood of line6 supporting things like a bass octave for the helix in the future
  2. Thank you so much guys all this information is so helpful. The plan is to replace all the other units I have, which has I'm getting tired of carrying around, with the helix and looking at the amp modelling list I know I will be absolutely over the moon with. Quick question about the effects, what are the octave and synth effects like?
  3. Thank you so much guys, out of interest are you using it mostly for amp modelling? Also are there enough suitable effects
  4. Hi all, I am wondering if someone can help me out, I am currently using a mixture of zoom b3, roland v bass and gr-55 but I have been so impressed with what I have seen of the helix for guitarists I am wondering if its worth investing as a bass player or are the bass aspects just a token gesture. I can't seem to find much information for the bass elements of the helix and I haven't had the time yet to find somewhere to demo the unit or finances to take the plunge. Thanks in advance Steve
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