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  1. THANKS for the input / much appreciated ! However, I've dumped the HX Edit 3.15, then re-downloaded and installed it but it doesn't automagically take me to the Helix FW procedure, so am still a bit confused. Am currently assuming the FW 3.15 install already on the Helix via the Updater now needs to be removed or replaced by the HX Edit ? or not ? BTW, the boy is now taking a break from 'assisting' me...
  2. So... my techie son decided to do me a favour when I was out of town, and "updated" my Helix to 3.15 for me. Evidently he did the following: updated the Line 6 Updater, then ran that which apparently updated the Helix to 3.15 THEN, he updated HX Edit and made a backup. THEN, he did a factory reset on the Helix and after that restored the backup. NOW there's a huge latency in the connection between the Helix and HX Edit... ALSO a big delay in Helix when switching from one preset to another not really sure what to do here / if I remove+trash HX Edit and do a new download, would I be able to use that to "re-update" the Helix FW ? MANY thanks for any and all suggestions, insights etc ! (BTW, son had best of intentions, but it turns out he didn't READ the instructions... sigh.)
  3. just acquired a new MacBook Pro 14" M1, and I'm having issues trying to connect to my Helix Floor... Apple has a USB adapter (Apple USB-C to USB Adapter - MJ1M2AM/A), so I assumed this is compatible with the Helix supplied USB-A > USB-B cable. However, HX Edit can't see the device. I've swapped out the USB cable with 3 others, but Nada... I also note the 14" M1 is packing Thunderbolt 4 connectors, so am wondering if the Adapter's Thunderbolt 3 spec may be an issue ? This new computer has no previous instances of either HX Edit or Helix 3.11, so perhaps I need to install a specific earlier version and then update from there ? Rosetta is on. Any and all insights would be most welcome... THX muchly !
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