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  1. At 7000k the sound is not very well in distortion. I tried with 4 différent guitars and all is ok. Regards
  2. Dear all. Thanks to you I found the solution. I place low cut at 250hz and high cut at 5khz on global eq. On the cab or IR I place the high cut at 6khz. I don't Hear the bad noisy sound when I use distortion. So many many many thanks at all for your help. My helix is my friend now Best regards and I wish you all the Best for you in music and your life Laurent
  3. Dear all. I tried yours ideas. I cut in global eq and in the IR the frequencies below 120 hertz and at 6,5khz. The clean is ok but there is still bad noise in distortion with my headphone and monitors Adam F7. I notice that the sound is little bit better but not acceptable to play in live. I verified also the guitar pad was in "on" position. I put the Master volume at 12h. For your information I use the 1/4 trs output and not the xlr output to link with my presonus studiolive live. I tried also a simple preset with just a tube screamer, a brit plexi brt, a reverb and an IR from ownhammer. I have the same problem with my headphone link to the helix or the presonus and with my Adam F7 monitor. Tomorrow I Will try the 4 method câble with my laney irt studio and I will use the distortion of the lany.I Will keep you informed. Many thanks at all for your great support and help. Regards
  4. Thanks for your help I Will try and Will keep you informed Regards.
  5. Thanks for your answer. I use a stratocaster us fender and an eastwood suprotone. Concerning the effect chain, I tried all preampli,ampli,distortion pedal and cab from helix. I also used IR from ownhammer and I tried also to integrate my torpedo cab. . I Still obtain a bad noise with crunch or distortion like if you put directly a distortion pedal in a sound card. The sound is not natural. I link the helix by the output 1/4 in a presonus studiolive 16 0 2. I used a headphone beyerdnamic 770 or Adam monitor or RCF Art 712 mkIi monitor. Thanks. Regards
  6. Hello. I bought my helix in june and i m very disapointed by the sound. 1500 euros and I have had never a sound too bad in my life (25 years of guitar play ). I have tried all solutions that I found on the forums. Even with my torpedo cab the sound is bad. Even with the new firmware 2.01 the sound is bad e specially for crunch and distortion.Now i'm blocked with it and it's impossible to sell it. What is the solution?. I would like to discuss with a responsible from line 6 and said his that 1500 euros is not nothing for a workers in a factory. May be that a person on this forum could help me to obtain an acceptable sound? Sorry for my english i m french. Thanks for your help.
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