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  1. Hi, Does anyone know how to get Audio Playback through a bluetooth speaker with an FX100 TT and remote App? Remote App is paired to the TT and in Settings (with Advanced Routing ticked) I can see the TT is selected for Tone Editing. The Bluetooth speaker is selected for Audio Playback (which I think means that it is paired) - unfortunately no sound. Thanks Andrew
  2. andrewcantrell

    Using Amplifi TT with Loopy and Audiobus

    Hi Anybody know how (precisely) to get a guitar, plugged in to Amplifi TT to go through Loopy and then play back through a physical amp (connected to Amplifi TT). I've seen posts on using a cck from the USB port to connect to the iPad and audiobus but could do with a detailed description of the setup. Kind regards Andrew
  3. andrewcantrell

    Connecting FX100TT to Bluetooth Speaker

    Thanks - I assume then that wireless headphones aren't supported either?