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    New Variax 500 owner

    Thanks for the great replies. No extras with this guitar. I can go with AA Eneloop NiMH batteries though and am looking at a Pod XT Line floor pedal set to enable power to the guitar as well as WorkBench software. I have the FBV SB mkII coming and maybe I can run the XT and SB in some tandem configuration to get some interesting results with the Spider Jam? The SB may just be superfluous though. Any thoughts? My goals are to be able to enable all the potentials for the Spider and the Variax 500. Am I also right in understanding that the V500 can use Firmware Version 1.9? I'm entirely new to all the Line 6 gear so don't really have a handle on what might be redundant. Not a lot of information on the Line 6 site as to enabling the variax and short board mkII to work to full potential. The XT is designed to provide much of the modeling that I already have, and the SB to produce effect and enable Wah. If the SB can link to the Variax and gateway to Workbench is probably too much to expect. I probably just bought the wrong board and the XT will deliver all the SB can and more. Or, maybe they both are necessary to my goals? Half the fun is the exploration though. Am very stoked to get this all sorted and see if the Variax can do everything I've read about. Thanks again and appreciate all the advise and comments.
  2. Hello to all! Have decided to give the modeling guitar a try as I am hoping to maximize my playability and technique by standardizing with one, very versatile instrument. So.... have purchased a Variax 500 because am not interested in magnetic pickups or tone adjustment on the fly. For basic value and non-tremolo bridge I chose the 500. I understand that I will need a Pod or usb dongle to enable the Workbench software which I am interested in. Have been reading here about Ghost Piezo pickups and their installation. Really wondering what might benefit the guitar most? Not sure that locking tuners matter highly since the bridge is a pretty straightforward affair. Any recommendations? I also own a Spider Jam and FBV SB mkII. Any particular string type play better than nickel wrap. I have a few sets from 9 to 12s. Is the Line 6 ethernet type guitar cable of greater value than a standard 1/4" guitar cable? Thanks for this active forum!