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  1. yer2kool

    64 Bit?

    SaschaFranck, I owned the GT1000(Boss) for a year and gig with it, it was 32Bit floater, definitely had the amp like feel but NOT as versatile as the Helix. And if one is an IR freak, well its very very limited.. by the way you can get an amp like feel by messing with the input impedance value on the Helix input, so its find..
  2. yer2kool

    64 Bit?

    As Technology advances, I'm seeing a new Helix in the near future, 64 bit at 288Khz sampling rate, 14 buttons footswitch, and a larger screen.. With Yamaha Japan as their Parent owner, I see great investment of technology and funds going to line6.. . what do you guys think? I'm a proud owner and gig with the helix floor and LT..
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