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  1. Thank you SO much for this detail! Above and beyond. I appreciate the tips about expectations. I used my Variax with a Spider V amp for a theatre gig, but that amp had acoustic amp models built in. With a little tweaking, I was able to dial in some acoustic tones that were so good and audience member came up to me afterward and asked when I pulled out an acoustic, because he didn’t remember seeing one. The thing is, I only used the speaker in the Spider V for onstage monitoring, and sent the signal to the house PA. I ended up selling the Spider because the in-room sound of the speaker was awful. The Powercab, even in flat FRFR mode sounds decent. I had to learn how to change my string attack on the Variax to get the right sound when using acoustic models, and that’s actually been fun. I don’t really need spot on tone - it’s the versatility of the guitar I love - I just need to be able to flip between electric and acoustic sounds and not have it be jarringly “digital-y.” There’s a Line 6 pro who does a YouTube demo of the Variax acoustic sounds, and it’s insanely good, but you read later that the signal is going through processors and other pro gear and then Pro Tools. I need the most basic, easy-to-navigate Variax>Helix>Powercab set up. With the Helix, which doesn’t have acoustic amp models that I’m aware of, I didn’t even know you could run a signal chain without an amp model. That’s the kind of beginner level info I need. If I play with some of the settings in the examples you provided, I’m confident I can find something that’s going to sound great. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  2. Admittedly, I'm a little over my head with all of the functionality of the combination of my Variax, Helix, and Powercab. So many answers online get into the kind of detail that's just beyond my understanding. All I'm looking for is some noob help with dialing in a decent acoustic guitar sound for coffee shop gigs. Not looking to be shamed by people for whom the answer seems simple. It's not simple for me. I'm an old, former tube amp and 3 or 4 pedal guy just looking for a basic walkthrough. Surely there's a way to get the acoustic models in the Variax to play through the Helix and into the Powercab with a really legit sound that can sound acceptable in a duet scenario with another acoustic guitar player. Please help! Cheers, Adam
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