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  1. I have the Line 6 POD Pro X, All I need is something that will simply change channels. Like if im playing Fade To Black, I just need to be able to switch from clean chanel to dirty channel on the fly.. Will this footswitch work or do I need a more fancy one? If it works then how? Because this footswitch only has 4 channels and we all know the Pods have way more channels than that, so how exactly can you navigate the Pod with a footswitch that only has 4 channels?
  2. Ok, so I notice they have two versions of amps. Example is treadplate pre and just regular treadplate.. What are the differences? Do they produce different sounds? Does it sound good using two amps together and just using the pre and regular together? Also, is treadplate the best amp for 80s thrash like Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden, Slayer etc or is there a better amp to use for those kind of tones?
  3. Yes, the speakers have a LF trim AND a HF trim, if I set the LF to -2dB what should HF trim be set at? I just bought some isolation pads on GC, which would make a bigger difference? The pads or speaker stands?
  4. So I just looked up the isolatio pads, GC has a pair of 4 for $29.99 so I might try those.. Also, is turning up the volume knob on the actual speakers good or bad for sound.. Right now I have them up about 50% and the rest of the volume comes from the POD, should I turn the speaker volume up?
  5. Right now they are just sitting on some cheap, faux wooden computer desk I bought at Wal Mart.. So speaker stands actually impact the sound and make a difference?
  6. Yes I do have the JBL LSR305.. Another thing, I also have stereo headphones and it sounds downright amazing through the headphones. They dont neccesairly sound terrible through the speakers but they just sound muddy and not crystal clear.. So buying say a better speaker with a speaker size of say 12 or 15 inches wont make a difference?
  7. I dont think I need stereo, how would I know? Also, which powered speakers are good for guitars? Peavey?
  8. Ok so first off, I got my Line 6 Pro X the other day and wow, loving this thing! I am a huge tone snob and have been chasing classic, true to form Metallica and Megadeth tones for years now, I have tried both Mesa Mark and Dual Rec series, Peavy 6505 and even your crappy Boss Metal zone pedals and up until now, I have never got the tones I crave, thank GOD for the POD pro for finally making my tone dreams a reality. Now with all this being said, I bought two JBL 5 inch powered speakers, priced at $149.99. They are ok but I feel they are a bit muddy and not enough clarity.. I can take them back to Guitar Center and exchange them, my question is... Should I just spend say $400.00 on say one good 12 inch powered speaker, or $300-$400 on two not so good speakers?! If the speaker is good enough, will one speaker sound good or will it sound bad with only one speaker no matter what?! Any speaker suggestions? I pretty much strickly play 80s thrash metal, never drop tune and I am NOT looking for that super low end, death metal sound. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks again, you guys have been a great help. Another question, right now I am using headphones which actually sound fantastic, can I also use just a regular powered PA speaker or will I need a power amp to use a PA speaker and If I can just use a regular powered PA speaker, do they sound good with the POD? Im just looking at one for like $250 at Guitar Center.
  10. So an update. I just got my HD Pro X yesterday and wow!! Why didnt I switch to something like this years ago?! The Mesa Mark V I owned cant even come close to the tones I can get out of this thing. Simply amazing. Within minutes I managed to dial in a legit Ride The Lightning Rhythm tone. I do have one question, where do I find the chrous effects? I have the heavy metallica tone I crave, now I want the clean, chorus type sound to go with it. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks for all the responses.. While we are talking about this, my dream all these years is get almost identical tones from Puppets or And Justice for all, like I ripped them right from the albums and threw them in my amp, but I never could acheive it, even with the Mark IV and Mark V.. With some tweaking, can I get these tones from the POD HD Pro X?
  12. So a little about me, I am just a bedroom player that plays as a hobby. I finally decided to ditch the amp and go the processor route, I jist bought a Line 6 POD Pro HD X and 250 ohms headphones.. After years of owning Mesa Mark V, trying a Mark IV, Dual Rec and Peavy 6505 plus, I still couldnt quite get that true to life 80s thrash tone like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer etc. So, my question is this.. Since processors like these do most of the work, will there be a sound difference using say a bottom of the heap squire or a real ESP? Again, I know this might be a stupid question but I am brand new to the processor world. BTW I currently have a LTD, James Hetfield Snakebyte signature series guitar with the EMG active het set pick ups.
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