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  1. So I'm trying to emulate a stereo effect (after finally figuring out what it is- I first discovered it with Alice In Chains's "Last of My Kind" and the solo in "No More Tears") so I was wondering if this was possible with the 500x.. Ive been using the pitch glide 1 octave higher and placed it at the end of the chain (anywhere from 24-30%) but it still doesn't quite get that 'stereo' sound. Anyone have any advice?
  2. Yep that's what I thought... man, it's stuff like this that needs to be invented!!
  3. I run the HD500x through my Focusrite Scarlett solo (1/4 from left unbalanced into the Solo) and tried using a mic into the XLR of the Solo, but my friend couldn't hear the guitar at all, only me talking through the microphone. Even when I took the microphone out there was still nothing. I have the Focusrite selected as the audio and microphone in Skype settings, too. Do I have to use an XLR from the HD500x into the Focusrite XLR for this to work? Thanks!!
  4. So currently I run a single cable from 1/4 unbalanced left into my Focusrite Scarlett Solo, and from the Solo I use double RCA-double 1/4 into my Mackie CR3's. On my computer, I select playback and recording for the Solo. Is this the best option, or should I connect the HD500X directly to my monitors?
  5. So if I use the left mono unbalanced it will automatically be a stereo sound, then should I record it in stereo and pan hard left or right, or record it in mono and pan? Does that even matter?
  6. Here's my setup to begin: Epiphone Les Paul>HD500X>*single XLR (from left output)>Focusrite Scarlett Solo (XLR input) Now I know I can use a 1/4th from the unbalanced outputs, but how is this different from the XLR? Does the single XLR I'm using give a stereo or mono signal? And whichever one I use, how do I record in my DAW (cakewalk music creator 5)? Currently I'm using the "left HD500x input" on the cakewalk input, but I'm still not sure how this is different from stereo. When I try recording in stereo on the cakewalk, there's no sound, only when I use the "left HD500x input." So does this mean it's being "summed to mono?" Hopefully this all makes sense!!
  7. I really want to replicate the "Last of My Kind" tone from them and I can't seem to find any good tones. I included a link to the official "guitar only" track. If anyone can help that would be great!! https://youtu.be/8SjeFMjdxss
  8. Thanks guys, I'm starting to understand this a lot better!!
  9. I'm having trouble connecting my HD500x to my audio interface, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo. Ever since I got the Pod I've been running a standard TRS cable from the 1/4 unbalanced output of the Pod to the Line input on the Scarlett, and setting it to "instrument." Now I understand this isn't the best option, so I'm wondering how to use the XLR option. I tried running an XLR from the Left Balanced output on the Pod to the single XLR on my Scarlett, which works, but would it be better to use a dual XLR using both outputs on the Pod into a single XLR to the Scarlett to get both right and left channels? Can I just use the single XLR like I have right now, and if so, am I able to delegate which channel I want the track to record on in my DAW (music creator 5)? I don't want to have to manually switch between the left and right balanced XLR, so would getting the "Y" cable fix this?
  10. So I bought a JC-95 pedal and was wondering how exactly to set it up to where I can turn it on and off. Simple as that.
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