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  1. I have an fx loop 1/2 set up for an external looper, I like to use more than the helix looper. I have it set at the end of my signal chain (right before but I get a phasing sound. I have the mix set to 50% if the mix is at zero effect loop has no sound if it's at 100%. Send and return are set to 0db. If I bypass the fx send phase sound goes away. Something to do with the mix %? thanks Ken
  2. ok cool thanks for confirming. I didn't see anything in the manual for a "split-color"option. Ill try updating to the latest firmware and wee if that fixes it.
  3. Forgot to add its happening on a couple presets and showing solid colors on the same footswitches on other presets
  4. Hi, Yeah the Helix floor unit. It seems to be happening on two particular footswitches and no matter the block. currently running 2.01 I did a factory reset when I updated Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, I know how to change footswitch colors globally and individually but can't seem to find out how to get the half color to change to one solid color if I try to change it the left side (in this case red) will stay red and the right side changes color. Is there somewhere I am missing that can be set to split the color? Thanks Ken IMG_8345 copy 2.pdf
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