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  1. Hello there, I own a Spider IV 75. I came upon a page while searching on how to install custom tones on the map, which page I cannot find now. In it it said I needed a Line 6 Edit app, however I cannot find anywhere to download it. Can anyone help?
  2. Hello all, I am new here and this is my first post. I am also a newbie when it comes to guitar equipment et cetera. I am having an issue, and I searched around but I either did not search well enough or what I found was not so specific. I own a Line7 Spider IV 75 and the FBV Shortobard MKII (I also own a UX2). I was trying to get around to installing the Line6 Edit so that I may be able to play around with tones on my Spider IV 75, however I am encountering a problem. 1. When I connect the USB cable to my computer there appears some atypical (for me at least) text on the display panel of the pedal but then it seems to go off after a while. I am not sure if this is an indication that the cable or the computer USB port is defective. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have another similar cable to try out. I am still stuck at the stage of having to update the firmware of the amplifier / pedal but I cannot do it at the moment; and 2. In any case, even when the display panel of the pedal is on, Monkey does not seem to find the Spidev IV (or the pedal, if that is how it works). I have no problem with my UX2; and 3. I am running everything on Windows 10. I would be glad to receive any feedback, suggestions, indications et cetera. Best Regards, Edric.
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