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  1. Here I go again :-). The previous issue has been solved by an electrical engineer (don't ask about it 'cause I'm totally not in this stuff :-), only know one lamp has been changed + other replacement work). However it cost me around 70 euros to fix and the guy said that these amps (he repairs a lot of them) are not well built, in fact he said that I can expect other similar problems mostly because of the not-so-well heat dispersion, he just said: "hmmmm, I don't know" (like see you again :-(...) Well after using it for some time, today I plug my guitar in and power up the amp and there is no sound, I put it in heavy metal mode (IV) and only if I turn the 2 volume knobs all the way up you can hear a very tiny sound, in fact you can hear what you play but only like you'd hear it on some headphones put on a desk in front of you :-). Anyone? P.S. I tried different cables and checke the tube protection fuse...
  2. Tnx, reading your text it seems to me that I can as well throw it in the garbage right now :-) I will contact the shop where i bought it and I hope they can help me fix it. The problem is that in my country Line6 doesn't have quite a reputation and reading your post makes it very clear why... prices of the DT amps dropped very much from the time I bought it and you can't find cheaper DT amps in the whole EU when compared to my place. Thanks once again :-)
  3. Sorry for the double post. Well, my hapiness didn't last long since the amp started to smoke a bit, I quickly turned off everything and I saw that one condensator (capacitor) is leaking, I'll need to call an expert in fixing amps I guess :-(
  4. Edited the post :), problem fixed thanks to you, still new tubes not working...
  5. Tnx for the picture, I changed the fuse because it was burned but I still have no results. Edit: Ok, after changing the fuse I put back the old tubes and the amp works again, it seems the one tube I tought was burned was still ok (maybe a changed is stll a valid option but I can wait since I only play at home...), still I don't understand why the new tubes are not working, I bought JJs 34...
  6. Do you have any picture? I'm not into amps at all but before I spend more money on repairs I would like to see if I can do it myself, without paying someone else :-)...
  7. Thank you for your advice :-) Do you know which fuse to look at? Another thing I noticed is that there is no hum when you turn the volume knobs at high volume, not even when I put the guitar near...
  8. Hi, yesterday I turned on my amp and as I turned off the stand by mode and strum a bit the amp died, or better said, went into a coma. All the lights work and so do the tubes (I even changed the EH 34 because one looked a bit used..). When it stopped working I smelled a bit of something like it burned somewhere or something like the temperature went up somewhere. I also noticed that when I turn it off without putting it in stand by mode first it doesn't make that sound like when you suddenly unplugg the guitar cable from the amp. Please help.
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