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  1. I recently got hold of a SpiderIV 75 with the Fbv express II. I spent a bit of time getting my sounds straight and assigning to each A, B, C and D channel. Seemed quite fiddly getting the volumes to be level. But I was happy - ready to take it to gig. During its first use - in our final rehearsal, I managed to set the looper off TWICE with my clumsy feet. The first time, I managed to record a bunch of silence first, then some clean and then some distortion, sounded awful of course, and i had to switch the amp off - mid song - to stop it. When it happened again, later on the evening, the Spider was doomed. I used a different amp for the gig, putting keyboards through the spider! Just to confirm? There's no way of disabling the looper for a patch? I managed to disable the volume pedal by setting the min volume to 100% - is that the accepted procedure. I did like some of the sounds the amp was making, but too scared of it going "self aware" when I'm playing live. Cheers
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