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  1. What is the ultimate setup,that you gigging Muso's have Love to see how you guys playing in a covers band, are utilising one preset with 8 Snapshots to cover your sets. I'll see if I can download mine,but basically I've got on the bottom four clean,clean/ chorus,Chr/Dly, Clean solo On the top Four,Crunch,Overdrive,solo 1,& solo 2 Great if we can all download our One Preset does all
  2. Recently sold my helix,no issues when sold,the new owner is complaining about the foot switches secondary functions,not working,I've told him to contact line 6 direct,he's telling me it's not covered by Warranty as He's not the original owner is this true?
  3. CiliaGuitar

    CPU usage

    Thanks for the info,that explains a lot,was wondering why they were greyed.
  4. CiliaGuitar

    CPU usage

    How do I know how much CPU I'm using on a patch ? More then likely it's staring at
  5. I'm fairly new to Helix ,must say I'm impressed. Is it possible to get a string type patch,something similiar to the synth intro on living on a prayer.If anyone can point me in the right direction,I would very much appreciate it
  6. New user of Helix,a few questions,Firstly are there any meters,to indicate clipping or on the edge of clipping ? Similiar to what axe fx has I intend using the Helix with a RCF NX series powered cab,XLR left input,from there the sound guy will run an XLR from the Cab into his mixer for FOH.What should my initial setup be regards to input volumes output volume etc. I ask cause I also own an Axe Fx,and know that these settings are critical in the setup. Thanks
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