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  1. I am a Guitarist who have been playing for more than 40 or so years and consider myself to be able to hang with the best in my field. I've played on many pedals and was afraid of your product because I thought it wouldn't have the quality or the versatility I needed to handle my gigs. Boy was Wrong!!! I was looking for a new pedal to replace and old 1 and never thought I would find another that I would be happy with. I was steered to the Firehawk FX and fell in love all over again and now I own The G10 wireless unit. unit till now I have never been able to find a wireless unit to work with my guitar because of the the old school electronics. Other than having to get a 3 inch adaptor cable to move the unit a little ways from the body of my guitar because of a hi frequency it created, but all in all your line 6 units are great and I am moving towards making all that I can line 6. Thank you for your product line. Truly: Joe Todd
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