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  1. Thank you psarkissian, I will try to do another re-flash and see what comes out of it.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum as I just bought second hand JT69. When updating the firmware I always get the same result and that is that some models are missing ( under "Lester" is just two models and under "Semi" none) I have followed every step in updating the firmware and tried it more than once. Has anyone come across this problem? Thanks.
  3. Thank you phil_m
  4. Hi and thanks for many useful tips in this forum. I have a problem trying to download latest software for Helix, this is what I get on the screen: "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: http://l6c-acdn2.line6.net/media/software/8409/Helix_FLOOR_v2_60_0_bundle.hxf Line Number 1, Column 5:FORM". Any help would be appreciated :).
  5. phil_m you were spot on :), Thanks everybody!
  6. Thank you guys for your comments, I´m already using Ernie Ball jr volume pedal as Exp2 but what I dont like is that when I switch (toe switch) ON the Wah (assigned on Exp1) my Eb Jr stops working. This makes the Wah unusable in live situation because of the volume increase.
  7. I anyone of you have answer to this, it would be appreciated :)
  8. Hi, can I use exp1as Wah and exp2 as volume with out the Wah changing volume when turned on? If so can somebody please explain how.
  9. I tried to use M-Audio EX-P pedal but it always worked backwards (heel down> max vol), the polarity switch did not change that. Does anyone know if it is possible to use this pedal?
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