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  1. Friends: One situation I work in I deal with lots of people who never have used a headset mic of the style of the HS-70. I have worked with lots of headsets mics and know how to adjust the headset nuts for optimum fit on each individual, but in my situation I can't always be around. As obvious as it might seem to some of us, to the engineering challenged, it's not that obvious. So I was going to write up some simple adjustment for best fit instructions but it occured to me that Line6 might actually have some sort of instruction sheet for the HS-70. So I looked. Apparently not. (There's not even, apparently, anything available for download that includes any information about the HS-70 that I could find.) If anyone knows of such a thing, especially with a diagram, or has written up a set of physical adjustment instructions, you could save me the time of re-inventing the wheel, and I'd sure appreciate it. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to create my own. Thanks.
  2. Update: 1. To be safe, we had some new HS70s shipped overnight. After thorough investigation it was determined that one of the original HS70s had both sweat damage, and the other either some strain placed on the wiring to the connector causing an intermittent short from just one little strand (or sloppy soldering work at the factory.) (I missed that upon initial inspection - my eyes aren't what they used to be. I'm not even sure I have the eyesight or the steady hand to repair a TA size connector anymore.) Can anyone recommend how to improve strain relief on the TA4F connectors? As they come from the factory, they have no effective strain relief at all on the small gauge cable from the headset.
  3. PS could this be an RF1 RF2 issue? With only v55 receivers and xmitters how can I know? All were purchased just about a year ago but two came from one supplier and a third from another supplier.
  4. Having an unusual issue with my xd v55 packs and hs70 mics. Fixed installation. Both units sometimes generate static and crackling sounds (akin to a bad cable.) However I cannot recreate the issues by handling the mics and cables and headset parts. Connectors are fine and clean on mic and pack. Handling the pack also does not recreate the issue. I have verified all other connections and cable runs between the receivers and mixer (now an xr-18 but using a 5 gHz router and well distant from receivers and the issue predates recent switch to the xr-18.) It's a fixed install in a synagogue sanctuary and I've scoped out WiFi frequencies and set line6 channels based on that. Could the presence of an android or iphone using WiFi that is physically with the person be a potential source? Or could the presence of numerous active phones in the sanctuary cause this? (Just happened today during a funeral.) Remember we're not talking dropouts, were talking bad cable sort of crackling noises. Yes I have switched mics between packs, both the headsets, and a lav, switched channels to swap receiver and mic pairings (including a line 6 handheld, which, btw, gets much further away reception than the body packs before dropping out even through a wall which the body packs won't work through. A function of antenna length in the handheld?) Also I never seem to have any issues with the handheld and interference or crackling noises. I'm going crazy trying to suss this out.
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