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  1. There's an amps and effects list here, I found it under the knowledge base tab up at the top of the page to the right of the forums tab. Hope this helps.
  2. sjo5531

    Spider Remote?

    I'm running 9.3.5 on the iPad so that isn't the issue. I do suspect, like you do, that the USB connector being the old 30-pin and not the lightning connector might be the issue. I don't have access to a new iPad with that so I don't have a way of checking that out. Using Spider Remote on my phone works well and is easy to use, maybe I'll just stick with that. If I'm out playing with some friends it only means I have one less piece of gear to take along. Thanks for the reply!
  3. sjo5531

    Spider Remote?

    I have Spider Remote on both my iPhone 6 and iPad 3. I connected the iPhone 6 to my Spider V and after flashing the firmware, the phone "saw" the Spider and all works fine. When I connect my iPad 3, it does not see that it is connected to the amp. Any ideas??
  4. Thanks phil_m! That helps me a lot. I'm a newb with Spiders and I have a lot to learn. I do see that if you don't change to another preset and have changed effects, if you turn the amp off and then back on to the same preset, it retains all the tweaks you did to it. As it should!
  5. If I have changed either the AMP or FX settings on an amp preset, is there a way to take it back to it's original default settings? It looks as though any changes you make remain after turning the amp off and then back on. I'd like to be able to get back to the original if I've gone too far with tweaking the settings. Thanks!
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