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  1. Cool, I know what you mean by the amp distortion: the Blackstar had a superb meaty tone, even at lower volumes. It is a compromise, but at the end of the day, nobody is going really notice the difference in tone in the situations I play in. I've now gone for a Alto TS210 speaker, which means I can pretty much get from car to pit in one trip (or two if i need more than just my strat). It's also a smaller footprint in the pit, which is becoming ever-more important! I'm based in South Wales, next show up is 'Spamalot'! S
  2. Phil, Thanks so much for writing such a thoughtful response, just what I was after! I've just had the TS212 in and it sounds great; some of the tones are better than the Blackstar, frankly; the sound seems more focussed, somehow. I've decided to part with the Blackstar, against your advice, but I can see what you're saying - I won't rule out getting another Blackstar or similar, but it'll be a much smaller amplifier - the Club 40 is a beast! Also, i'm returning the TS212 and exchanging for the TS210 for the smaller unit size - there was loads of spare volume on the 212 that I just don't need, and given that I play in some seriously tight spaces, it's all about space-saving right now. I'm satisfied that the Alto will provide a a good sound overall. Where do you play, out of interest? S
  3. Thanks for the reply, Xebradave. I hadn't considered a ZT, but I think a decent monitor speaker is what I need. Plus, the price I've found is pretty damn good, considering I'm getting Bluetooth connectivity too (nothing to do with the Pod I know, but a nice bonus!)
  4. Well, i'm plumping for the TS212W which I've found for £238 online (ex-demo with 1 year warranty!). :)
  5. Headphones are no good in this situation as the rest of the band need to hear what I'm doing in the pit. I also want the flat response from the speaker, not another amp. (Though I realise I could use headphones as well as!).
  6. Hi all, Did my first show (Hairspray) with the HD POD 500x this week at a local theatre. I was essentially using the Blackstar as a monitor with the POD being DI'ed out to the house PA. My main problem, being sat above the amp was that I frequently couldn't hear myself above the 15 piece band! When i did drive the amp louder II upset the brass section (not difficult, though). I've decided that the amp is not for me, as it's too big and heavy to use in an orchestra pit. Also, a PA speaker can be angled to project the sound upwards at a 45 degree angle, enabling better monitoring. So, the Blackstar is being put up for sale and I'm going to buy an active speaker instead. I'm sure this has been covered a gazillion times on this forum, but, I just want to ask this: In my situation, as a player in theatre shows and smaller gigs, which speaker? Mackie Thump 12 or Alto TS212? I really don't need anything louder, as this will be purely for monitoring my sound in an orchestra pit situation. Thanks in advance.
  7. Cheers! I'll give it a go. I'll let you know how it goes. :)
  8. Thanks guys, Appreciate all the comments. I've just downloaded edit, and yes I'll be taking Matt's advice and replicating my old setup as a comfort blanket. And in reply to pfsmith, yes it is a help that the audience aren't there to listen to me. The main people listening to me are the other musicians who might recommend me for other gigs etc! My next show is Hairspray in a couple of weeks, a show I know well, which calls for pretty standard rock 'n' roll tones, along with bits of chorus/ tremolo for the slower numbers. My next show after that is Monty Python's Spamalot which calls for jazz tones, but also asks several numbers to be played on a banjo (which I don't have and don't really want to!). Anybody know of a way the Pod can make a guitar sound like a banjo? S
  9. Hi Folks, My HD 500x has just landed, and I'm just starting the mammoth task of getting to grips with the beast. My previous setup was 4 stomp boxes (Distortion, chorus, tremolo, tuner) and a JD Wah Wah. My main guitar is a Japanese Fender Strat, and I have a Joe Pass Archtop for jazz stuff. Amp is Blackstar Club 40. I gig mainly in theatre orchestras, so I'm looking for clean, subtle sounds to 'blend' not overpower. My FOH sound is often at the mercy of the sound engineer at the venue, but I'm hoping with the Increased I/O options I now have, things will be easier. I just wondered if there were any other guitarists here who perform in similar situations? Any general advice for a complete newbie would also be appreciated! Steve
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