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  1. I'm gonna have to disagree with the Cat5, 5e, 6 item. I know that technically, there is a huge difference between the ethernet cables themselves. BUT as far as the FBV Shortboard MKii, and the Express (mki) there is NO difference. For me anyway. I used at Cat5, 5e, and 6. There is NO difference in sound, quality, feedback, buzz, or anything. For me. There are thousands of choices for Cat5e and Cat6 cables to purchase. But regular old Cat5 is not that easy to find, you search for cat5, and everyone ends up selling you a Cat5e, or Cat6. I wanted to use the Flat Cat5 cables, and there all 5e or 6. i have tested all of the different styles (cat5, 5e, 6) and the Cat6 works fine. So, for anyone else looking for a new cable, the Cat6 works fine. I even updated the firmware on my amps and pedal with the Cat6, worked perfect. (FBV SHortboard MKii and FBV Express MKi) I read that people state there are different impedance between Cat5 and Cat6, i understand that. But how that affects the FBV pedals, i don't know. I did not see ANY difference in any function of the pedals with a Cat6 vs Cat5e or Cat5. I don't mean to start a war, just informational if anyone ends up like me and needs/want a new/different cable for their pedal. And the TRS cables... I purchased these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HXB3TLQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I could not tell the difference between the TRS cables above and the 16awg speaker (mono) cables. It's not like its a DTS 5.1 system or anything, so comparing the stereo effects output, the differences were not distinguishable. I will agree with TRS cables being balanced, and that it does sound "cleaner" with TRS cables. And the manual does say to use TRS cables. I wish the manual would state what gauge cables to use. And i can find a million parts for the Line 6 IV amps, but not replacement TRS cables. I definitely agree with NOT using regular guitar chords for hooking the head up to the cabinet. They sound Terrible, extremely terrible.
  2. The back of the head on the IV HD150 says to ONLY USE TRS CABLES. And it being lots of watts, smaller guitar cables that are 22 awg won't cut it. That's not safe for the amp head. I'm surprised i cannot find more information in the manuals on this,or for sale from Line 6... This could be catastrophic to the head if the wrong cables are used. I just picked up a set of 3ft 16awg trs gold cables for $18. I guess we will find out if it makes a difference. In all theory, it shouldn't hurt it, and should only be an improvement. Maybe, there is some additional stereo effects that im missing out on if i were to not use these cables. Id prefer 14awg, or even 12awg, but finding them have proven to be difficult. I will try a cat6 cable, its a $7 gamble if im wrong. Anyone else use a cat6 on their FBV Shortboard MkII?
  3. I just switched to the line 6 amps. Love them so far. I have a line 6 iv 120 and a line 6 iv 150hd with line 6 cab (412). I bought the 150hd used, and the dude lost ALL the cables. I have 2 questions I couldn't find answers to: It says to NOT use "guitar cables" to hook up the spider iv 150hd to the cabinet. I have a set of 16awg 1/4 cables, that have a 1/4" tip that I think is mono and is identacle to a guitar cord end. But it's speaker cable 16 gauge. Is it necessary to use the TRS cables? Why? What is different? Will I damage something? And I can't find replacement cables for the line 6 cabinet anywhere. Or can I use the 16awg 1/4 speaker cables? Also, I'm picking up a shortboard mkii, so I can update and what not, and I need a cat5 cable. ....Its 2016, I can't get a non cat 6/5e/7, just plain cat5 cable easily cat5 is history. Can I use cat 6??? I've read you can't use cat6, and I've read you can? HELP!!!
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