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  1. My JTV59 neck pickup stopped working. Bridge pickup is ok, as is the variax modeling. Nothing particular caused it that I am aware of - some sweaty gigs but nothing outrageous. Anything I could easily check/try before going through the hassle of shipping it to line6, or traveling 2.5 hours to a service center?
  2. Just to close the loop on the original issue ... I opened a ticket with Sweetwater. They were able to see the issue with a cable they had in stock and came up with a solution that worked perfectly. The issue was indeed the angle of the RJ45 connection inside the metal housing. Here was the response from Sweetwater tech support: --- I pulled the last cable we had in stock to test, and wouldn't you know, I had the same problem you're describing. I figured out the reason and solution. Read though this first to see if this sounds like something you can do, or if you want me to prep a cable for you and replace it. There's just enough play in the RJ45 plug inside the metal housing that, if it's tipped a bit forward, it gets hung up when plugging it in. He's the solution I found. Unscrew the black part of the outer housing and slide that back. There are two strain reliefs on this cable, the one is two parts that snap around the cable and the other inner strain relief is U shaped and slides around the cable. Pull those back down the cable a few inches. The two part one may come apart, but you'll see how the two sides of it slide back into each other if you look at it. Then, slide the metal part of the housing off the end of the cable. OK....now we're going to use the jack on the guitar or Helix to hold the parts in line while it's put back together. Plug the metal part of the housing into the guitar or Helix. Then plug the RJ45 down the center of it into the guitar or Helix. Then slide the strain reliefs back into the metal housing. The inner strain relief is keyed, so it only fits one direction. Screw the black plastic part back onto the back end of the metal housing. ....Screw the black plastic part back onto the back end of the metal housing, while it's still plugged into the guitar or Helix, so it holds the position correctly while it's screwed together.
  3. I have a new JTV-59 and additionally ordered the VDI cable with it from Sweetwater. I must be an idiot - I cannot get the VDI cable to fit into the Variax connection on my Helix, or the connection on the JTV-59. I'm afraid to try with more force. Is there some magic here? The cable looks identical to that shown on the Line 6 website - the packaging is labeled "Line 6 Variax Digital Interface Cable". Both ends indicate "Neutrik" and "RJ45". Help.
  4. I had wondered whether the CC channel switching on the amp might be kind of weird, and also lamented at the fact there was no "do nothing" value. So, I will abandon trying to use the CC message and instead program the amp with the presets that I can recall with a PC message. Looks like that will work just fine. Thank you very much to everyone that helped me work through this ! :)
  5. > You do have up to six Instant Commands to work with, however. > So if you want to send a certain CC for one snapshot, and another one for a different snapshot, you can do that Thanks, but I had previously tried this as well with no success. Or maybe, I am not clearly understanding you. In my case (Marshall JVM410HJS amp), I need for example,: - snapshot 1: send CC#17, value 1 - snapshot 2: send CC#18, value 1 OK - so here's what I do: 1. Activate Snapshot 1 2. Go to Command Center and place CC#17, value 1 in Instant Command 1. 3. Save 4. Activate Snapshot 2 5. Go to Command Center and place CC#18, value 1 in Instant Command 2. 6. Save Now I go back to the Command Center and observe that what I have is: Snapshot 1: - Instant Command 1: CC#17, value 1 - Instant Command 2: CC#18, value 0 Snapshot 2: - Instant Command 1: CC#17, value 1 - Instant Command 2: CC#18, value 1 This switches the amp between CC#18, value 0 and CC#18, value 1 - not what I want. Help!?
  6. I see the same behavior you do - different values for the same CC are saved between the snapshots, but not different CC#s. Unfortunately, I want to switch between different CC#s that have the same value. Anyway - thanks for looking this with me. We'll see if someone else can help, and if not, I'll open a ticket.
  7. Thanks. I used the lightning bolt for an instant message, because I want this to happen without my having to stomp a switch. From the user manual under the "Using Snapshots" section: > Adjust the preset by doing one or more of the following: > • Turn several blocks on or off by pressing stomp mode footswitches and/or the BYPASS button > • Push-turn a few knobs to automatically assign their parameters to the Snapshots controller (their values appear white and in brackets) > • On the Command Center page, adjust the values of any Instant messages or press a footswitch assigned to CC Toggle, CV Toggle, or Ext Amp That last bullet seems to indicate this should work. I don't have any controller assigns in the patch at all.
  8. Thanks to you both, but I *am* using the command center to set the MIDI CC for the instant commands. I agree the global "snapshot edit" setting does not seem to apply here - though I did play with the different values to see if it somehow made a difference (it did not). The manual seems clear that this should work (bottom of page 36 in the most recent version) - I must be missing something basic.
  9. Hi. I'm trying to set up my Helix to switch my amp channels with instant commands *per snapshot*. So that in a particular preset, I have snapshot 1 be my base sound, snapshot 2 be my lead sound, etc. I set the instant command (in my case, this is a MIDI CC per my amp MIDI implementation) via the command center for snapshot 1. Then I do the same for snapshot 2 (with a different MIDI CC). However, any changes I make to snapshot 2 for the instant command also get applied to snapshot 1. In other words, the instant commands do not appear to be assignable *per snapshot*. I've tried the push knob and turn (for the CC value) but it doesn't work - no brackets appear. What am I missing? I am on the latest update, by the way.
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