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  1. Am very relieved to report that I successfully updated the firmware to the latest version on receiving my second Helix. I used the local file that I'd verified as uncorrupted. Thanks so much for everyone's help and advice! It is much appreciated. What a superb forum. I'm blown away with the flexibility of the Helix..... Now to find some great tones :) Have a fab weekend everyone :D
  2. @HonestOpinion I gave your advice re loading from local file some thought... As I said I couldn't download the flash memory V2.01 file... When I download I get a page full of ascii (like when you open a binary file). However I can successfully download flash memory V2.00 !!! How strange. I wonder why one file downloads OK, whilst the other does not? I have IE11 so id already disabled Smart Screen feature as per Line 6 guidance. I tried this on two machines, one Win7, one Win8 (both IE11). Exactly the same results on both! V2.01 gobbledygook on screen (same stuff being displayed each time) but V2.00 downloaded and checksum verified ok. I then tried downloading the flash memory files on my Android phone (just for the hell of it). I could successfully download flash memory V2.01 but not V2.00 (it said it couldn't download V2.00) I've now transferred V2.01 to my win8 machine... And verified the MD5 checksum so I have confidence the files are not corrupt. I have a new Helix coming tomorrow. I'm rather worried about performing the firmware update but at least I know I have a pre-checked file now. I really can't explain what i've experienced at all... And SURELY the loader program would somehow verify the flash memory file before attempting to load it into the helix? (does it contain the checksum internally?) Thanks for your advice, I'm really hoping for success tomorrow. If this second unit fails both I and the sales guy will be rather pissed off. As he said, "he doesn't want to keep sending me new units" (for me to break). I actually had to buy the second one, and will get a refund from the first. I'm far too impatient to wait until next week for a straight replacement. :) PS. The sales chap suggested that I didn't update the firmware.... :o I don't think he understood the increased functionality contained in the updates, lol.... I'd had 1.04.3 on a NEW unit.... lol Wish me luck :D
  3. @ Honest Opinion Thanks very much, I'll try that (for when I get in a position to be able to flash the firmware!). @ MusicLaw DV247 in the UK I'm going to try to get a replacement ASAP. Less than 24 hours from New to Brick :( Am gagging to have a play with it! lol.
  4. Thanks for your help everyone. Much appreciated. I tried a different PC, a laptop with Win8. Got it to start uploading V2.01 firmware......(eventually) :) Then: "Update failed please reboot and try again" :( Helix boot screen is corrupt on booting and frozen. I've tried various global reset and safe boot mode. Nothing happening. Have raised a ticket. don't want to wait 3 days for a response. Am very disappointed!!! Not happy at all. I was blown away by the sounds of the firmware V1.04.3 for the whole hour it worked!!! (why don't they ship with latest firmware? Box is dated Sept 16) I assume its going to have to go back. @ HonestOpinion... thanks for the links. I couldn't download the firmware image though. When I tried to do that I got a page of ascii characters. Am I being dull?
  5. Hi all. Received my Helix yesterday. Wow. Can't wait to have good play with this.... let me just update the firmware from 1.04.0x to latest....... Spent ages and didn't succeed :( I'm on a PC with win 7 and SP1. The loader is 1.09 (and it says a newer version is available although I'd loaded the latest version of software 2.01). The loader sees the Helix about 20% of the time. I then initiate an update. It says its happening and then a screen says the Helix will reboot etc. The helix doesn't reboot and is frozen. This is driving me nuts. The editor doesn't see the helix at all. I've tried different USB ports on the PC (front and rear in case there was a difference). I've rebooted everything multiple times. I've done an uninstall and reinstall of Helix PC software and drivers a couple of times too. I realise that other have had similar issues but I couldn't find a suggestion on the forum that helped me. Does anyone have any ideas please? Thanks in advance for any help.
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