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  1. If I tweak some settings within Spider Remote how do I save them? Cheers
  2. Yes that would make sense cruisinon2 The original owner said when he bought it, it was in desperate need of a good setup and that he dialed it in. Of course over time that may have come undone.
  3. Hi Uber Guru, I haven't tried reflashing it yet. I have been in contact with previous owner who actually was a demo rep for the vaiax for several years. Anyway, he did make custom tunings but stored in the custom banks.
  4. Just purchased a great lightly used JTV 69 and love all the sounds but the drop 1/2 step tuning sounds like crap.(Sorry for the colorful language) :) If you strum the open strings from high to low don't sound consistent especially on B and High E. Very discordant. When I play chords just sounds bad. All other turnings seem pleasing to my ear. It sounds like it's way out of tune on some strings and very robotic. Please note I've carefully tuned the guitar. I've also turned my amp up loud so I'm not hearing the difference between regular strings and alternate tuning. Also makes no difference with head phones. Thanks for any ideas as this one has me scratching my head.
  5. Hi guys any ideas at all for me. No matter what I try I can't get youtube video jam tracks to play when hooked up to Spider.
  6. I have no problem syncing up Spider to my Android tablet but... I can't get Youtube video jam tracks to produce sound. It's weird as it was working awhile ago but... Tried many times and won't produce audio anymore. If I disconnect the cable then the sound comes out fine from the tablet. Any ideas would be most appreciated!
  7. Surprised at how sparse some of the documentation is. Anyway, looked for the type of cable required to go from the amp to my Android tablet. All the guide says is OTG adapter and that's it. No other mention... It appears that this cable needs to be male on both ends but when I look in Amazon seems like they are all male on one side and female on the other. Any ideas what the exact cable that i need and where I can buy it would be appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the replies. No hadn't registered yet.
  9. I just purchased the Spider V 30 W version and love it but... Trying to locate the free recording software. Not sure how to access? Thank you!
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