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  1. to the above person pierre, there are numerous posts on here complaining of certain android devices NOT working with the spider app. maybe some people cant afford to go buying tablets willy nilly because the app is crap on their already expensive smartphone!! its line 6 all over, i mean an amp for example called the amplify WONT work at all with android devices, so maybe owners of that amp should all go out and buy iphones. its totally stupid and is cutting out a huge slice of the market. UTUBE is full of bad reviews of the spider v and some of the main reasons are their total lack of for-thought into making it compatible across all platforms, wheather its recording but not being able to use the app at the same time as using a DAW program? totally unforgivable. it could have been pretty much a perfect amp but the lack of compatibility makes it ( for most people - see utube for evidence ) a total waste of money and a complete no go area - FACT
  2. i have a spider v and so far its pretty good, EXCEPT for the fact that the cloud THING is pretty much useless to most people with smart phones that are android!!!!!! for an amp that is this new AND that will connect to a PC, why the F__K have line 6 decided to leave any editing or downloading of tones, artist patches etc from a PC based platform?????? it connects to a pc right? so make the cloud available on pc for christ sake, it aint rocket science. i own a pod hd5oox, guess what? i can link it to a PC and download patches - great. so what moron decided to leave this option from the spider v? SACK HIM, I WOULD, HE'S GOING TO LOSE U CUSTOMERS!!!!! seriously thinking of selling my V based purely on this oversight and buying a KATANA which will connect and edit using a pc
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