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  1. Thanks guys. I will try a demo version of the Helix Native plugin and see if I like the stereo cab block. I would prefer to have a stereo IR block but will try your suggestions. Cheers
  2. Hi all. I need to buy a amp modeller/effect processor and wasn't sure if the Helix or Helix LT would allow me to output my stereo signal to FOH via the XLR outs while feeding the same signal without IR's to my stereo power amp and cabs on stage. Can this be done easily ? Thank you Rick
  3. This is what I'm trying to achieve eventually signal flow wise. Illustration is not representative of Helix blocks, just signal flow.
  4. So trying to troubleshoot this myself, the big problem i am facing is inserting IR's after my stereo fx and not having my fx collapse to mono. If I can work that out, then it would be easy to take a tap pre IR blocks to feed stage sound. I would also like to not take out 2 fx sends in the process, but rather feed the 1/4 inch outs as I have some analogue pedals I want to incorporate into those fx loops. Surely the super flexible routing of the Helix can accomodate?
  5. Care to share a screenshot I can try and replicate? I actually thought what I am trying to do would be an absolute no brainer to achieve like it is on the Kemper or Axe Fx.
  6. I think I'm going to have to go this way. I just tried the Helix cab block some more and it's just not as good as 3rd party IR's. What is the best way to split the signal to get stereo IR's happening at the end of the chain with a stereo split just before it to feed my on stage power amp and cabs?
  7. Awesome, PeterHamm. I'll give it a shot. It would be nice if I can make the built in cabs work for me in stereo. It would be awesome if Line 6 made it possible to run 3rd party IR's in stereo as well. I'd happily give up processing power for this option as I am running external preamps.....coz you know, analogue ;)
  8. That would seem like the solution. I did try that but was less than impressed with the cab block. I'll try and tweak it and see if I can get it more 3D sounding like an IR.
  9. But any stereo effects before the IR block will collapse to mono. I'm looking for a way around this.
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to configure my Helix rack so I can send 1 pair of stereo outputs to Front of House with speaker IR's, and another pair of stereo outs without the IR block to my power amp and cabs. The problem I'm running in to is that Helix will only run a mono speaker IR so if I split the signal at the end of the chain to 2 seperate outputs and put the IR block on one of them, it collapses that path to mono. I could introduce the IR block earlier in the chain and put stereo effects after it but then I can't feed my on stage cabs a signal without the IR being in the chain. Is there a simple way around this I am overlooking? Thank you, Rick
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the screenshot! I also have a Power Station to feed one of my Port City Cabs, the other is being powered by the Friedman Smallbox 50.
  12. Well I think I'm sold then. Thank you. Will post a pic of my when completed :)
  13. One other question if I may to Helix owners. Can I assign the volume knob on the front of the unit to only adjust the 1/4" outs and not the XLR? That way I could adjust the volume of my returns to my respective amps and not affect the signal going to FOH. Thank you Rick
  14. Thanks guys. You're right jononguitar, it is worth doing. I used to use a Kemper like this and it sounded glorious onstage with a direct feed going to FOH without the fuss of mics. Only drawback was that the Kemper only had a mono monitor out and I like to run stereo. I'd like to be able to kick my 2 cabs around onstage to point them where I need to be heard without the hassle of mics. The only decision I have now is whether to buy the floor or rack version.....
  15. Hi all, I am thinking of going the Helix route for my effects but wanted to know one thing before I spend the money on one - Is it possible to run it via 4 cable method and have an IR block only on the XLR outs feeding FOH while the 1/4" outputs feed my tube power amps and cabs onstage without cab simulation? Thank you, Rick
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