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  1. Anyone know if replacing a pickup affects the actual modeling ability of the jtv? I was thinking of putting in a Texas Strat pickup but someone warned it could create a problem.
  2. OK I'll save the bux....I ordered that midi cord, thanks!!!
  3. I'm looking at the xtlive floor board. Any idea if it's compatible with HD147?
  4. Hey, any help appreciated: Just got my HD147, not sure of the process on how to download custom tones from my computer to the amp head. I am able to download the tone to the laptop, but not sure how to get it to the amp head afterwards.
  5. I actually figured it out. There's definitely a short in the battery compartment. If I take my fingers and push the batter down a little deeper than just sliding it in, it recognizes the device and all is well. Unfortunately I can't play one-handed. Gonna have to take it in to trace the short.
  6. When I put the battery in fully charged, the 4 lights flash, then go out. In addition, I cannot get any of the features to work. Alternate tunings, the LED doesn't light up to change models, but when plugged into an amp I get sound, just generic, basic sound.
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