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  1. Hi! I have some problems with Helix Native. For some reason occasionally, some of my patches sound waaay too oversaturated...is the problem in IRs or that patches have very different gain? I might be mistaken but it seems that this happens randomly and not on the same patch...I might have this oversaturation problem on Helix Floor but not sure... Any tips how to get rid of it? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys unfortunately the same problem still stays even on 3.01 :( no updates available. I tried updating through line6 updater but still says no updates available. I was updating from 2.70 and it got me to 2.92 never mentioning it 3.0 :( is there a way to download the patch and update manually or any other work around?
  3. As the title says...I installed HXEdit 3.0 on my Mac. Clicked check for update and it updated me to 2.92. When it finished, it was stuck at rebuilding preset 644. I pressed the footswitches 6&7 and it worked (although deleted all my presets, no problem thats why i backed up). Anyway, now i wanted to update to 3.0 but when I click check for updates it says "no new updates available". I bought my Helix in 2016 so I am thinking maybe my Helix is too old?? Or is there other reason for no update?? Thank you in advance for all suggestions.
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