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  1. Well I've taken delivery of a new JTV-59 in tobacco sunburst and all the bits and bobs are in the box. It is definitely a brand new guitar but I haven't had a chance to plug it in yet. The guys at Andertons have set it up before shipping and I am a happy chappy. I suppose I have to leave this forum now and use the JTV one, it was an honour knowing you.
  2. I think it's just the experience that's tainted it a bit. I'll probably get another, in fact I was just checking prices at another retailer. :D :D
  3. It's all packed up in the box ready to go back, being collected tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to bother buying another one.
  4. They're sending the missing parts to me, but now I've noticed the tone pot just keeps turning with no obvious stops like the volume has. Man what a terrible experience this has been.
  5. Well, the guitar arrived today. A Variax Standard in tobbacoburst (or whatever). First I discovered there was no USB cable/device in the box. I contacted the retailer but haven't heard back yet though in the meantime I discovered there's no tremelo arm. Then I find a battery charger but no battery (it's not in the guitar either). I suspect it is not a brand new guitar even though I was sold it as such. I'm not complaining here to Line 6 I don't think it's their fault, just wanted a bit of a rant as new guitar day was ruined.
  6. Hi chums. I'm looking at buying a Variax but I'm having difficulty choosing which one, they're all so pretty. One thing I can't find an answer on is which guitars work with Workbench HD, something I'd really like to be able to do. The idea of 'building' a guitar pleases me. I like the Variax Standard but do I need a James Tyler model to use the software? Thanks in advance for your help. :-)
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