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  1. Changing the settings from combo power amp to studi/direct doesn't help , It still makes the noise , i've realized the noise comes from my computer specifically since it doesn't occur if i plug my phone to the amp for instance. so i assume i should just give up on plugging the pod to my pc while playing.
  2. First of all thank you both a lot for your help , and i came to notice that the reason that very loud noise was happening was because of the USB cable plugging from my pc to my pod .. for some reason once i connect it the noise occurs. so i'm gonna use an aux cable for that meanwhile instead of usb i assume. it should work just as fine to hear music through my amp
  3. Hello everyone , So up until now I was using my pod through my Combo's current preamp , which means i used the MONO output from the POD to the input of the combo amp without bypassing the preamp section. Now I've decided that i'd like to bypass my combo's preamp , and for that I learned that you need to use something called the 4 cable method , though I did try some trick since i don't have 4 cables at my reach right now , by taking the guitar , putting it into the GUITAR IN on my Pod and plugging the MONO output from my pod to my Combo's Effects Sent loop. as for now it looks like it's bypassing my combo's preamp but at the same time , unlike before there's a very annoying static noise , quite bassy , it's mostly noticible when i don't play. when i turn the volume on my amp or on my pod or on my guitar all the way down the noise doesn't go away , is that because I didn't close the effects loop with the return and left it open so theres something hanging and causing some grounding issues or something which brings this annoying noise? So I guess at the bottom line my question is , would using the 4 cable method solve my problem with this irritating noise or what i did with only two cables without closing the effects loop isn't the cause of that noise? Thank you very much in advance!
  4. Well I did a flash reboot and on most presets it sound like the balance is alright.. but I lost the HD Model packs that i bought this unit with.. I bought this 2nd hand off of this guy and I registered the pod on my line6 account but the HD packs that he bought for the POD vanished.. Do i need to contact him for some serial number to retrieve my HD packs :\? is it registered as a product in a line6 account and i need to ask him to give me the registration stuff? :\
  5. That still leaves me clueless about how do i even start with an empty patch , how do i delete and go to factory reset and how do i save the HD model packs i have on it :( I don't want to lose them
  6. How do I back everything up and how do i perform a factory reset I have the HD model packs on it how do i keep those I defintely do not want to lose those
  7. I've recently purchased a Pod HD 500X and while playing and listening through Direct Headphones I get a very annoying unbalance where most of the sound comes from the left side of my headphones , And when i pull the headphone plug out just a little bit I hear both sides equally but the sound is muffled and not nice anymore.. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem :\? I'd be grateful to get some help By the way : It seems like the "VOLUME" Knob makes the balance change :O , when i turn it to the right it's the right headphone part that gets all the sound and same for left :|...
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