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  1. Helix is presented as (copied and pasted from sweetwater title) Line 6 Helix Guitar Multi-effects Processor I also know enough to know that a harmonizer is different technology than a pitch shifter. Yamaha had pitch change on the SPX-90 in 1985, maybe earlier, so there shouldn't be a huge licensing issue. All the effect did is pitch the entire signal which is different than tracking each note. You keep referring to harmonizers which I have stated multiple times is a completely different effect. The Helix was designed with multiple sends and returns so it could be used in multiple way's depending on the users needs. While it does amp modeling comparitive to other amp models, it is not required to use it as one. Why would it have 50 amp models and 70 effects. I did not create this post to argue whether Helix is an amp modeler or effects unit, or how anyone else should use theirs. I simply wanted to know if their was any announced plans for them to update it so it would suit my needs or if I need to return mine because it doesn't suit my needs.
  2. From what I can see, in reference to the earlier post, the Morpheus is not the end all be all of pitch shifters, but a economy model compared to the Whammy and Pitch Fork pedals. Even the latest Zoom multieffect pedal does decent pitch shifting.
  3. Some of the newer pitch shifting pedals have some degree of artifacts. In fact many of them work quite well, but that's a far cry from how the pitch whammy on the Helix works. It's one of the highest requested features on ideascale.
  4. I voted for it at http://line6.ideascale.com/ I hope it gets implemented. I would likely re buy the Helix at that point, but don't know if I would have the funds by that point. I'm not going to sit around and wait for it to happen.
  5. My point is it shouldn't need to track the pitch at all. I am not a software engineer, and do not know how the algorithms work, but pitch shifting should just take the incoming audio and pitch shift the whole thing up or down as desired, noise and all. Trying to identify the pitch and then attempting to produce a facsimile of the specific note seems redundant and doesn't work as well. I would understand that technology 20 years ago, even though there were pitch shifters in some old Yamaha multi effects units for example, I'm sure there were others, that did pitch shifting without trying to track anything back then, but nowadays where that technology is prevalent, why shouldn't the Helix be able to do it.
  6. and 2 Pedal Train Pro's and a Helix is way overkill.
  7. Well, I have two pedaltrain pro's full of effects that I have arranged. I have more, but I couldn't justify not making it all fit on the 2 PT's which is arguably still too big. I hoped to replace my volume pedal, EHX Pitchfork, EHX Ring Thing, T.C. Ditto looper, 2x Eventide H9, and Strymon Timeline as well as add some features I did not have previously, and fit all my remaining effects on just one Pedaltrain. Other effects I did not plan to replace are my Joe Bonnamossa Crybaby, EP Booster, MXR phase 90, up to 5 different OD, Dist and Fuzz pedals, Montreal Assembly Count to Five, Red Panda Particle, Boomerang Looper and Boss RC-3 looper. The more pedals I have to keep, the less chances I have of getting rid of my second PT Pro.
  8. Well, I gave that a shot (putting the pitch shifter after an amp).It did help the single notes some but there was an occsional glitch. Chords were still awful for the most part.
  9. I really wanted to like it. The routing possibilities are very attractive and it does many things well. I was buying to replace my effects so I am not interested in the amp/speaker modeling, and it is not going to replace many of my effects either. If I return it I will not get a full refund and I will have to pay to ship it as well so I am not taking the decision lightly.
  10. But things like the pitched delays, reverbs and harmonizer are effected as well. So then I would end up having to keep many of my other pedals as well. If somehow I could be assured that there were plans to overhaul the pitch shifting algorithm it would make more sense for me to keep it. Is there anything like that confirmed for the future.
  11. I just received my Helix and I am VERY disappointed with the pitch shifting. Since then I have read other posts stating that the pitch shifter isn't polyphonic. It shouldn't need to be. Pitch shifting down an octave for example shouldn't need to track anything, just shift the pitch of the incoming audio down an octave. The way it works now is unforgivable that they would actually ship a product with a feature that works this poorly. I bought the Helix to replace my hugely oversized pedalboard and pedals including my EHX Pitchfork. Now wondering if I should return it.
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