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  1. Hi all, In blind excitement, I have purchased the Boss RC-300 Loop Station for writing and performing purposes. As it turns out, I didn't think this purchase through too well as I own the Spidervalve HD100 modelling amp with the multi-effects built in (I thought it would make my life easier rather than replacing and repurchasing individual effects pedals). Now I face a problem with the signal flow. I would love to vary my tones in loops, but the loop station precedes the effects of the amp. Is there a way I could get the signal to the loops station last and then straight to the speakers or is there another way? I have read something about an effects loop send, but I am uncertain how to use it. Am I able to fix my problem, or am I stuck using the effects built into the RC-300 rendering my amps effects useless? All help greatly appreciated. Allen
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