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  1. skryking

    customtone page?

    I don't see the Spider V series amps on the CustomTone page. Is this an over site or is it coming? Jason
  2. Anyone feel like setting up a presets archive so that we can share presets from the Desktop app?
  3. skryking

    download tones for spider v

    Is there anything legally stopping someone from just starting up a website to store them?
  4. skryking

    clipping when recording from USB

    So I noticed I was getting some audible clicks when recording from the usb on the spider v 30. I'm assuming this is due to some clipping as I had the volume of the amp all the way up. Turning it down made it go away at least audibly. Is there any sort of gauge I could use to tell if I'm clipping even though I don't hear it? Thanks Jason
  5. skryking

    clipping when recording from USB

    I would have thought so to but it wasn't showing up as being very hot in cubase. Only thing I had to go on was the clicking.
  6. skryking

    cloud access from PC spider app?

    title says it all, is there going to be access to the cloud features inside the PC app? Jason
  7. skryking

    FBV express MKI?

    Will the FBV express MKI work with the spider V amps? I found one used for fairly cheap and was wondering.
  8. Any chance we can get a document on the api the amp uses when talking with the mobile app? I'm asking so that we could build a desktop app to work with it without having to inconvenience the support team. Thanks, Jason
  9. skryking

    Where can we share spider v user set ups ?

    Is there anyway to browse the tones in the cloud without having to give it a search term?
  10. skryking

    cover for spider V 30?

    Will the case for the spider IV 30 fit the spider V 30? I don't see one in the store for it.
  11. skryking

    cover for spider V 30?

    Thanks, Thats what I was looking for.
  12. skryking

    Spider V Tone EDIT app for Mac/PC

    Rumor is that if you get a copy of virtualbox and install android x86 on it that it will work... but thats just a rumor.
  13. skryking

    Spider v manual

    Only thing I found online http://line6.com/support/manuals/
  14. skryking

    Spider V Tone EDIT app for Mac/PC

    This would be great for when I'm connected to the amp on the computer.
  15. skryking

    customtone page?

    Ahh cool thanks, I'm waiting on my host mode adapter to come in for my S7 in order to try the app.